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Now in it’s second season, The MUSIC VIDEO VAULT TAKEOVER is an exclusive FRINGE MUSIC FIX feature in which we invite our favourite artists, directors, producers, writers, bloggers, and music video enthusiasts to present five or more music videos that have most inspired or entertained them.

For the first takeover of our second season we have invited American artist, M. Maggie, to venture into the vault to reveal some of her favourite music videos.

M. Maggie is a Poet and Vocalist from New York City and currently based in Los Angeles. She grew up out of New Orleans learning violin, piano, and percussion all while cultivating a love and understanding of poetry, performance and street art. With musical features from So You Think You Can Dance, MTV, CW and World of Dance, as well as print support from Buzzfeed and Nylon Magazine, M. Has racked up over 300 Million views worldwide. She has two studio EPs, ‘Lost in Color’ and ‘Vienna Genesis’, which explore Dance, Pop, RnB, and Electronica. Both streams are available to hear below.

M. Maggie will release a liberating new music video on January 18th which will provide close and personal insight into her unique artistry.

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Thriller is a classic.  It is hands down the first thing I think of when you say greatest (music videos) of all time. It was one of the first music videos to come out with a full storyline and changed music videos forever. Michael is such a sweetheart, and you get a full sense of how complex and captivating he is throughout this whole production. From the acting, dancing, singing, he is iconic. Thriller definitely inspires me to get wild with my ideas and ultimately with my dreams.

I will never forget the heavy rain and and ballsy plot of Justin Timberlake’s, Cry Me a River. Not only was this song huge for Pop, it centered around his fresh breakup with Britney Spears. The similarities to her character were eerie. What I learned at a young age, was that artists are raw and bold and honest, even when thrust into the public eye. It takes bravery to share these stories and I was fascinated.

Outkast knocked this out of the park. This incredible collaboration gives you a spectrum of high school life in each scene. Between Andre’s lead performance in the school show and Big Boi’s muscle as the school jock, this was one hell of a smackdown. All fingers pointed at the popular girl, Caroline, who is swept away by the comic genius of Kat Williams. Every time this video came on the countdown, I was glued.

Another epic pop video, Britney Spears killed this performance. It’s in her body, her eyes; she has so much conviction. I love the storyline and the commitment to this bad ass secret agent character looking for the green vial. After seeing this hit the charts, I wanted to create my own fantasy land, singing and acting as the main character in my own sexy comic.

There is no way I could forget the talented Ciara and her incredible dancing skills. She moves like no other and each video she made has that unique, complex aspect. I chose Ride because of the different costumes and egos she has. She is sexy and diva as well as bad ass tomboy. She doesn’t fuck around and can play ball with the biggest of players. With the super sexy cameo from Ludacris, this is a video to watch over and over and soak up some tips on how to please a lover.

There is something so captivating about Rihanna’s We Found Love. The cuts are constant and there is so much rawness in the addiction shared here. Even the fight scenes draw you in closer. It’s magical and induces a connection to how real love is for everyone.


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