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This evening we are very excited to present a new feature on the blog entitled the MUSIC VIDEO VAULT TAKEOVER. Join some of our favourite artists, directors, producers, writers, bloggers, and music video enthusiasts as they dig into the vault to present five or more music videos that have most inspired and entertained them.

Our first guest curator is Kristen Higuera from London. She is the creator of FIGTREE VIBES, a blog that features curated playlists for every vibe. We have had the privilege of compiling two playlists for her site and were thrilled when she agreed to return the favour and share some of her favourites with us.

Kristen on ‘Modern Woman’: Modern Woman is definitely one of my favorite tracks of 2017. I love how ethereal the video is and how each shot makes you feel like you jumped straight into a still life painting.


Kristen on ‘Human Sadness’: I’m a fan of this short film. It’s epic, dooming yet subtly lo-fi. & I can’t get over that Mozart sample.


Kristen on ‘Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings’: Pretty sure this is when I realized I wanted to be Aubrey Plaza.


Kristen on ‘Here Comes Your Man’: Truly a classic.


Kristen on ‘Gosh’: I’m so into the uniformity/dystopian vibe of this video, it’s quite hypnotizing. + I think it’s SO rad that they shot this in Tianducheng (abandoned replica city in China…wuuut!!)


Longing for even more classic music videos? Check out #FRINGEMUSICFIXTV: FLASHBACK – Our new music video channel featuring our favourite videos from the 80s, 90s, and the aughts

Do you love music videos? Want to share your own list of all-time favourites? Drop me aย note

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