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The MUSIC VIDEO VAULT TAKEOVER is a new exclusive FRINGE MUSIC FIX feature in which we invite our favourite artists, directors, producers, writers, bloggers, and music video enthusiasts to present five or more music videos that have most inspired or entertained them.

For the fifth installment of the MUSIC VIDEO VAULT TAKEOVER we wanted to reach out to someone we knew would delve deep into the more obscure eccentricities that can be found within the vault. ย We couldn’t think of anyone better than the idiosyncratic Wolkoff.

Wolkoff is a Canadian transplant living in Brooklyn, New York, where she writes and performs her own music and contributes to a number of publications including Vice, Gold Flake Paint and The Rockaway Wave Newspaper. She currently has a new album in the pipeline as is also excited to announce that she is working on her first novel.

In 2016 we chatted with her in one of our first forays into the world of interviews. You can read her hilarious Q&A HERE.

PREAMBLE by Joanie: The music video compendium you are about to enjoy is uniquely compiled from content encoded off VHS tapes. It’s kind of a thing of mine. In the same way that you’re reminded by a little paper tag to enjoy the imperfections of a hand-dyed garment, I’m counting on you, dear viewer, to appreciate the glitches and hiccups the medium has to offer, audio wobbles and all. Iโ€™ve attempted to translate all non-English song titles into passable interpretations and hope youโ€™ll savor these eight historical treasures as much as I do.

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“The slowly rotating, strategically positioned banana is truly the, uh, cherry on top in this music video.”

โ€œNowadays, Firangiz is a stylin’ senior living in LA but the songstress built her performance career back home in Azerbaijan, a country whose pop music scene burgeoned after the fall of Soviet Rule. Here is one such gem.โ€

“Born and raised in the Queensborough Projects (provenance of Nas, Cormega and Mobb Deep among other hip hop luminaries), Roxanne Shante’s world debut is still the bees’ knees.”

“Aygun Kasimova is an(other) Azerbaijani pop star who’s stolen my soul and is known for rallying against oppression of women, featuring Snoop Dogg in a duet and countering Armenian occupation in Southern Caucasus right in the front lines.”

“Nรฉe Connie Wittemen, this Dutch bombshell businesswomen posed for Penthouse some 30 years ago, wrote a string of hit parade-topping disconummers and eventually ran a clinic in The Hague for cosmetic “injectables”. Her hair and skin and emerald sateen pants are all shiny. She also totally lifts, bro.”

“Saltykov writes a mean synth riff and this video gets right up in the performers’ business and really makes a meal of it. The only thing missing? A smoke machine.”

โ€œHailing from the Cรดte dโ€™Ivoire, GG Leopoldine and her next level green-screen technology throughout this visual delicacy are nothing short of wow.โ€

“This video is kind of a soft focus adventures-on-the-high-seas version of Moonlight Kingdom with plucky Russian kids. It’ll put you right in your feelings, I promise.”


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