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The MUSIC VIDEO VAULT TAKEOVER is a new exclusive FRINGE MUSIC FIX feature in which we invite our favourite artists, directors, producers, writers, bloggers, and music video enthusiasts to present five or more music videos that have most inspired or entertained them.

For this takeover we have invited Los Angeles based Indie Pop trio RÓSA to venture into the vault to reveal some of their favourite music videos.

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Our first video is brought to you by New Yorker Paul Simon. This video is simply a good time! Seeing Paul act all upset while his hit song is being hijacked by funny actor Chevy Chase is funny. I love the pink room and I love the charisma of these two fine gents.


I love this video because I love all the colors and I love the song and I do not understand it at all. I am pretty sure it is a combination of old film mixed with film from some odd festival they played somewhere very strange, but it all looks fake and perfect. It brings me a warmth inside that I must have lost when I discovered Santa Claus was fake and my parents split up. It is a really cool video.


I love this video because it realizes a dream of mine. Look at these guys playing their music surrounded by their girlfriends, or whatever. Everyone is happy for the 3 minutes the song is going on. The video is also clearly homoerotic in ways that are confusing. Neil Finn and company seem completely satisfied, both emotionally and sexually, in the company of each other. I do not know why the girls are even present. But, it is this confusion that keeps me glued to the screen.


My dad never let us have a dog. He told us when he was dead we could get a dog and it could piss on his grave. I know it sounds like a made up story but he legitimately always said that. He’s a nice guy though, I swear. But I love this video because I love that dog in the beginning! And I also love the scene where she gets pissed off at the donut shop because that is the same place I have my mental breakdowns as well. I also feel like the dog is a symbol of beauty and power and freedom and the video suggests we trap ourselves in cages, cut off from the experience of those things our primal selves long for. It’s the fucking Super Ego bringing us down, ya know? Shit, this video is a good one.


Porches is one of my very favorite new artists. I love how he embraces his persona as a pop star in the video. He is beautiful and fun to watch. I love the two boys as well. They have great dance moves. The video is just fucking cool, I don’t know what else to say.

Bonus picks because RÓSA really loves music videos!


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