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The MUSIC VIDEO VAULT TAKEOVER is a new exclusive FRINGE MUSIC FIX feature in which we invite our favourite artists, directors, producers, writers, bloggers, and music video enthusiasts to present five or more music videos that have most inspired or entertained them.

For this takeover we have invited pop singer songwriter Tishmal to dig through the vault to unveil five of her favourite music videos.

Rachel Brockbank is a San Diego native currently based in Utah. Her musical pseudonym, Tishmal, is derived from Luiseรฑo, the language of her Native American heritage and it means hummingbird. Working alongside producers Mason Porter (Haarlem, Goldmyth) and Christian Darais (The Brocks) on her forthcoming debut EP, her lyricism and emotional vocals combine with heavy beats to simultaneously explore the darkness and light, as well as the balance between hope and fear.

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I got emotional watching this video. I remember the drop in my stomach when I first saw the woman jump into the portal-and right when that first chorus hits-so good. She seems brave to me. I love the juxtaposition of her calm face and then the cut aways to the giant, consuming elements around her. The subplot scenes of the woman and her reaction to seeing herself in the sky touches on complexity of human emotions, while still keeping it super vague. I๏ธ love that anyone can watch it and walk away with her or his own interpretation.


This is a video I have gone back to watch over and over. It’s creepy and sexy and the dancers look incredible. The slow motion movement of the lead dancer’s braids combined with that choreography just blows me away every time. They really nailed it with the color scheme and the pops of red against the blue toned lighting and walls. And can we talk about how one of the dancers jumps out of the drive through window? Genius.


I have special place in my heart for SOHN. His music was what really got me into the electronic genre. My first 21-and-up show, was to see him play on my 21st birthday. The slow pan of the camera is such a cool contrast to the chaos in the scene. The whole scene with its dramatic flashes of light in the rain complements the music really well.


The video is simple, but I am so captivated. The horses add a regal, commanding presence. Maybe theyโ€™re supposed to be symbolic of pride or the need for control? Itโ€™s almost comedic at times. I have always wondered if the creators knew beforehand how awesome the horses trotting in slow motion would look in relation to the rhythm of the music.


Aurora’s performance is what makes this video so good. It feels honest. She moves and dances in a similar way in her live shows. The narrative brings me back to the sci fi books I loved reading as a teen. I love the intensity of her ripping off the wires and bolting into a sprint as the man screams in his car.


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