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The MUSIC VIDEO VAULT TAKEOVER is a new exclusive FRINGE MUSIC FIX feature in which we invite our favourite artists, directors, producers, writers, bloggers, and music video enthusiasts to present five or more music videos that have most inspired or entertained them.

This week we have invited Sofie Tendenstad Svebring to share some of her all-time favourite music videos with us.

I’m Sweden’s biggest music video enthusiast and I have written about music videos for like ten years now. You can find me at (@GUROmusicvideos), (@musikvideotopp) & (@hymn_se) where you will here all about the latest, greatest alternative music videos from Sweden and abroad. My vision is very clear: I want to spread positivism via music video. I’m allergic to sexism & stereotypes and want to see fresh, new, interesting stuff that is far away from the disgusting, belittling “classic” music videos where guys are macho and girls are naked. Are you with me on that?! Support me or follow me or whatever!

Here are five great Swedish music videos (that you might not have seen…?!)


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Adam is a time traveler sent on a mission from the 80s where he remains stranded in the present. This blog functions as a record of any new audio-visual discoveries reminiscent of his beloved neon decade. Please contact us with any info in regards to the location of a functional Delorean, Tardis, Phonebooth, Hot tub, Wormhole, or any other means of time travel. Adam also contributes music videos to IMVDb, and is a juror for Prism Prize 📼
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