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FRINGE MUSIC FIX utilizes countless resources to discover new music videos to share with you. One of our favourite new musical hotbeds comes in the form of a unique music website called HumanHuman. The site is comprised of a friendly and vibrant community of bloggers (Some of which include Deer du BoisDisco Naïveté, Going Solo, High Clouds, MusicalHeARTBeat, Sodwee, The Undscvrd, and Wonky Sensitive) and new music enthusiasts who pool their general good taste and ahead-of-the-curve curation to agree on which emerging artists will become the next big thing.  Each month HumanHuman presents an overview of the artists deemed ‘Most Promising’ by the community, and with our new little addendum, we’re doing what we’ve always done, and going full music video with last month’s overview.  What better way to discover 20 of your new favourite artists than with incredible music video accompaniement? Here is a handy playlist of HumanHuman’s Most Promising Artists for September.

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About Adam Alexander

Adam is a time traveler sent on a mission from the 80s where he remains stranded in the present. This blog functions as a record of any new audio-visual discoveries reminiscent of his beloved neon decade. Please contact us with any info in regards to the location of a functional Delorean, Tardis, Phonebooth, Hot tub, Wormhole, or any other means of time travel. Adam also contributes music videos to IMVDb, and is a juror for Prism Prize 📼
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