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In the hopes of compiling a unique list amidst an over-saturated sea of year end lists, we’ve once again joined forces with cutting edge Austin based pop blog, Wonky Sensitive.Β  With our similar yet specific styles of curation our followers will recognize, we feel our individual tastes combine to provide coverage for a broad range of styles ranging from instrumental electronic to indie rock and finally an exciting convergence into our shared genre of choice, pop.Β  We’ve low-key ranked the list as a countdown to our favourite album of the year, but we’ve intentionally left out numbers to keep things vague.Β  We also considered including which releases were agreed upon, but decided to keep that shrouded in mystery too. We hope you will find this list helpful in revisiting this year’s finest lps and perhaps discover something you may have missed.Β  Without further delay, here are FRINGE MUSIC FIX and Wonky Sensitive’s picks for the 50 best albums of 2017.


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About Adam Alexander

Adam is a time traveler sent on a mission from the 80s where he remains stranded in the present. This blog functions as a record of his new audio-visual discoveries reminiscent of his beloved neon decade. Please contact us with any info in regards to the location of any functional Delorean, Tardis, Phonebooth, Hot tub, Wormhole, or any other means of time travel. Adam also contributes music videos to IMVDb, and is a juror for Prism Prize πŸ“Ό
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