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The first edition of a new annual compilation featuring instrumentals, themes, scores, and other musical selections from noteworthy films, television series, and video games released in 2017.

Featuring music from Blade Runner 2049, Good Time, Raw, Nidhogg II, Legion, Twin Peaks, Prevenge, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Mindhunter, IT, Get Out, A Ghost Story, The Disaster Artist, The Shape Of Water, Logan, I, Tonya, Loving Vincent, Brigsby Bear, Lady Bird, and more.


Hans Zimmer – Mesa (From Blade Runner: 2049)
Oneohtrix Point Never – Good Time (From Good Time)
Tyler Bates – Finding the UHF Device (From Atomic Blonde)
Big Black Delta – Huggin & Kissin (Theme From The Sinner)
Mux Mool – Intentional Death and Dismemberment Plan (From Nidhogg II)
Nathan Barr and Stephen Lukach – Main Title (From Flatliners)
Mica Levi – Interlude I (From Delete Beach)
Rozen and Reven – Become As Gods (From Nier: Glory to Mankind)
Brian Reitzell – Main Titles (From American Gods)
Bear McCreary – A Monster Hypothesis (From Collossal)
Ola FlΓΈttum – Prolog (From Thelma)
Apparat – Goodbye (with Soap & Skin) (Theme From Dark)
Jeff Russo – Levitate (From Legion)
Johnny Jewel – Windswept – Reprise (From Twin Peaks)
Toydrum – Biological Clockwork (The Train) (From Prevenge)
Voidoid – Riverdale (Theme From Riverdale)
Hans Zimmer – The Mole (From Dunkirk)
James Primate – Sundown (Theme I) (From Rain World)
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Corey’s Story (From Wind River)
Daughter – Burn It Down (From Life Is Strange: Before The Storm)
Jim Williams – Raw Main Title Theme (From Raw)
Jason Hill – Main Titles (From Mindhunter)
Brian McOmber – It Comes At Night (From It Comes At Night)
Benjamin Wallfisch – Every 27 Years (From It)
Michael Abels – Sikiliza Kwa Wahenga (Main Title) (From Get Out)
Tamar-Kali – Intro / Mudbound Theme (From Mudbound)
Max Richter – Openings (From Taboo)
Dark Rooms – I Get Overwhelmed (From A Ghost Story)
Dan Deacon – Horn Phase (From Rat Film)
Tyler Bates – The Punisher Main Title (From The Punisher)
Marco Beltrami – Main Titles (From Logan)
Peter Nashel – Tonya Suite (From I, Tonya)
Dave Porter – The Disaster Artist (From The Disaster Artist)
Michael Andrews – Two Day Rule (From The Big Sick)
Alexandre Desplat – The Shape Of Water (From The Shape Of Water)
Jon Brion – Title Credits (From Lady Bird)
Brooke Blair, Will Blair – Ruth’s Action Theme, Pt. 1 (From I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore)
Scandal – Warrior (Feat. Patty Smyth) (Theme From G.L.O.W.)
Marcelo Zarvos – Ordinary Kid (From Wonder)
Ryuichi Sakamoto – M.A.Y. In The Backyard (From Call Me By Your Name)
Johnathan Sadoff and Nick Thorburn – Opening (From Sigrid Goes West)
Clint Mansell – The Night CafΓ© (From Loving Vincent)
Jo Yeong-wook – The Tree From Mount Fuji (From The Handmaiden)
Joel P West – Rich City Folk (From The Glass Castle)
David Wingo – Until Our Next Adventure (From Brigsby Bear)

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