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We discover new artists every day. Often an artist will garner our interests just enough to make it to our site, but not quite enough to win our unbridled admiration. Other times, upon hearing a new artist for the first time, we are instantly enamored with their sound and style. Helping to introduce artists of this prestigious caliber to our followers becomes more a matter of urgency than an attempt to keep content flowing.   Such was the case with the wonderful and idiosyncratic NOIA upon hearing her single ‘Nostalgia Del Futuro’.

Born in Barcelona to activist parents, NOIA (Gisela Fulla-Silvestre) studied sound design at Berklee and now resides in New York.  Her debut EP, ‘Habits’, was released in October of 2016 on Cascine. With influences inspired by Gisela’s international upbringing including dancehall, tropicalia, electronic, pop, and r&b, Habit’s 4 tracks explore themes of longing, discontent, and pessimism through nuanced electronic programming and Gisela’s ethereal vocals.

We were thrilled to chat with NOIA about the significance of her moniker, dystopian futures, the digital world, and of course her music.

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What is the significance of your project name, NOIA?

NOIA means girl in Catalan. but it sounds a bit Japanese for some reason, which I like.

Your music has a very multi-cultural influence. Who are some creatives from your native Barcelona who’ve inspired your art and may not be familiar to our readers?

Silvia Perez Cruz from Barcelona is an amazing singer that inspires me a lot.  She sings mostly traditional Spanish, Catalan, Flamenco stuff.  You should check it out. Elsa de Alfonso, (is) our own Sean Nicholas Savage, and Desert, (is) our own modern Catalan Cocteau Twins.

Your song ‘Nostalgia Del Futuro’ can be interpreted as a warning sign suggesting the perils of an idealized future. How do you personally avoid this type of thinking?

I have tendencies to put pressure, expectations on the future and then I miss my present.  I’m trying to come to terms with the fact that the universe starts and ends every minute.

Visions of dystopia have become very trendy in tv, film, music, video games, and literature. Whose vision of the future do you predict is the most accurate?

I’m interested in the theories about the end of global capitalism and neo-liberalism, and also, technological singularity.

On the flip side to the last question, faced with the increasingly volatile political landscape in the United States, do you think is important to have hope and what are ways we might help shift the tides?

I think that activism is no longer an option.  To agitate, to organize, to educate.  Trump is an escalation of decay, but white liberalism in the US is also extremely dangerous.  I’m hoping a new party arises from this chaos we’re living.

Your EP, ‘Habits’ was included among our favourite EP releases of 2016, a list of decidedly obscure releases. Are there any releases, artists, or tracks that you feel flew under the radars of music publications last year?

Thank you! I loved serpentwithfeet’s ‘blisters’ EP, Ash Koosha, Sam Evian’s ‘Premium’,  but I think they all got attention.

What can you tell us about your ‘Habits’ EP we may not already know?

It was a collection of songs that I wrote a while ago, with no intention of putting them out there, written in the stretch of a long period of time, those were tunes i’d write at night.

Do you recall the moment when electronic music first sparked your interest?

Yes, I had always liked hip hop and Rnb since I was a kid but when I was 15,  I heard ‘Hyperballad’ by Björk and that gave me a lot of answers and new questions.

Describe your relationship with technology and the digital world

Victim, voyeur, addicted. Haha!

What do you hope listeners will take away from the music of NOIA?

Hopefully some emotional landscapes.

Pop music is often considered an inferior genre for the less intellectual that is primarily found to be void of talent and substance. What do you think of these often overheard declarations?

Nah, non-sense. there’s room for Rachmaninov and room for the Beach Boys, no?

You will be performing at SXSW as part of your label, Cascine’s showcase. What are you looking forward to most in Austin?

I’m performing at Remezcla‘s showcase as well.  I’m just excited to be playing and try new things.

Where else are you excited to perform with the festival season looming just over the horizon?

I’m going to Mexico at Festival Anagrama and Festival Marvin for now.  I think there will be some dates in Europe as well but nothing confirmed yet.

We love your stylish music video for ‘Nostalgia Del Futuro’ directed by Laura Martinova. What can you tell us about the video we might not know?

There was a third location in the video but we got arrested by the police because apparently we were in a crime scene.

We were initially introduced to you by our favourite music video director and your friend, Allie Avital. She is already responsible for some of your excellent press photos, including the one we’ve used for this article. Might we expect a music video collaboration in the future?

Allie is family, yes I will be lucky I think, there will be a collab soon. 🙂

What is your favourite music video of all-time and why does it resonate with you?

MIA’s bad girls. epic in so many ways.

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