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Lostchild is Joe Copplestone, a singer/songwriter and producer hailing from the small town of Banbury.  Joe always felt like an outsider growing up, but through music, was able to discover and connect with like minded individuals all over the world.  One of his most fortunate encounters came in the form of a musical collaboration with an artist named Bow Promise.  After producing her first release, the partnership continued, and with her encouragement, Joe struck out on his own to unleash ‘Soothe’ online.  The single was well received and Lostchild was conceived. In addition to his continued production work for Bow Promise, Joe has also done work for Vanessa White, Anastacia, Cammie Robinson, Diamantina, Nathan Carlos, and Tonal Huldra.  He also recently released an emotional pop EP of his own, entitled ‘Being Loved When You Know You’re Not Good Enough‘.  We are thrilled to present our little Q&A with Lostchild and hope it will provide you with a bit more insight into the mind of a wonderful person who thrives from beyond the fringes.

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Like me, you have a regular day job too.  How would you describe the process of juggling work and your music career?

It’s like having two full time jobs, and it sometimes sucks not being able to take much time off to party with my friends. But I love the restaurant I work at and I love pursuing music, so I never ever feel like I’m missing out on other things too much, because this is what I do!

What is it that you find so special about the 80s?

I just love how emotional and exciting the sounds are, 80s pop music is hooks hooks hooks, drama drama drama, and I live for all that in music. I think hearing Madonna’s 80s output through my parents at a young age really shaped my love of those sounds.

You tweeted that the Satin Jackets’ ‘We Can Talk’ is a song that’s helped you through lots of tough times.  What else cheers you up, music or otherwise?

Piano house is the happiest music in the world. A neat piano chord progression over a four four beat is my idea of heaven. This cheers me up. Otherwise, RuPaul’s Drag Race, particularly the Untucked after shows.

We’re currently working on a list of our favourite pop records ever.  If you had to choose only one record to listen to for the rest of time, what would it be and why?

That’s a terrifying thought. Can I just choose my iPod? Does that count as one record? It really is impossible for me, but I guess gun-to-head, I’d choose The Immaculate Collection by Madonna.

Talk to us about some of the challenges and advantages of growing up in a small town.

Challenges – not realising there are other people out there like you, feeling alone, isolated and restless. Advantages – the peace and quiet!

You mentioned in an interview that you would like to reach out to those who don’t fit in.  Why is this important for you?

Because what got me through my teenage years was listening to music by other outcasts and creative people, believing I could one day be one of them, and it’s important to me that I do the same for the generation below me. It can’t be hard feeling disconnected from everyone around you, but it’s easier when you realise you’re not the only person that feels that way.

What is your favourite music video of all-time?

Blimey. Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares To U. The tear, the emotion – Iconic.

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