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liyvFrom songwriting to illustration, Seattle based Liyv is a veritable master of her domain.  A true creative who lives to bring her artistic vision to fruition and proudly wears her weird on her sleeve. Upon hearing her single, ‘You Should Know Better’, released just 9 months ago now,  I was immediately drawn to her idiosyncratic vocals, clever lyricism and her unique pop production.  Upon further exploration, my fandom grew even more when noting her penchant for melding music with colour and art.  Her accurately self described brand of ‘Pastel Pop’ reserved more real-estate in my heartcloud with each new single uploaded to online for her song-a-month project.  Having only begun exploring her musical endeavor earlier this year, Liyv has already attained a great momentum and grasped the attention of many alt-pop bloggers and enthusiasts. Liyv will release a concept album due in the Spring which will be accompanied by a music video series.  We reached out to Liyv and asked her about her passion for colour, sad songs, nature vs. technology, and her favourite music video of all-time.

Describe the role color plays in your life and in your creative process

Color has always been important to me in terms of how thoughts and ideas appear in my mind. For my album art this year, I was careful to choose colors that resonated with the musical compositions, but this process has always very intuitive for me.

What is the perfect sad song for people who like bright colors

At the moment, I would say “Sad Machine” by Porter Robinson – or any of my songs 😉

 What can you tell us about the music video for “Laser Eyes” that we don’t already know? 

It was filmed in my tiny house! We had to pile all of my furniture on one side and try to manage two rowdy cats who wanted more than anything to attack the backdrop.

Choose one of the following and justify your selection: Cat, Dog, Bird, Fish, Plant, Or Other 

Cat! Obviously! They’re essentially just plants that walk around and have personalities.

Do you recall dreams? Is dreaming important for you? 


an illustration by Liyv (click for full size version)

I do, and I do think they’re important, but I’ve had bad experiences with dreaming lately.

What is the strangest thing you’ve ever collected? 

When I was a kid I would choose an ant to be my new friend every few months or so. I wanted to give it a fitting habit: a lidded jar with cotton ball pillows. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to poke holes in the lid and was always so surprised and broken hearted when each ant inevitably passed on.

If you had to choose between a world without nature or a world without technology, which would you choose and why? 

I’m sad that this is such a big question these days. I think that most people would answer nature yet prioritize the convenience of technology every day. Nature is really significant to me! I grew up in Bend, Oregon, a town that is out-door centric, and I’ve always felt especially connected to plants. Lately, I’ve been working to align my priorities with what I believe. I’ve been shopping ethically and locally, and I’m trying to eliminate unnecessary waste by compositing and being mindful about all of my decisions and purchase.

You are already a talented musician, songwriter and illustrator.  What activity would you like to learn next?

I’m looking into starting a podcast and I’m also starting to write books again.

What is your favourite music video of all time and why? 

At this moment I would say Point Point’s “Life In Grey.” It’s super haunting and thought provoking and Jodeb is a really brilliant director, I’ve enjoyed his work for awhile.


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