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#FMFALBUMPICK: @iamstrangercat – IN THE WILDERNESS [POP] @JoyfulNoiseRecs #NowPlaying #Recommended #Pop #Electronic #NewMusic

“Whether it’s shimmering bedroom indie-electro (the near perfect first single “Sirens”), angular, St. Vincent-esque experimental chamber pop (“Fig Tree”), glacial, melancholic synth-pop (the Sufjan Stevens-assisted, very Age of Adz-sounding “I Promise”), or sumptuous, straight-up contemporary R&B (the sensual and soulful title track), Stranger Cat delivers the goods with equal amounts of indie cool and genuine heart, but it’s ultimately Martino’s velvety croon that serves as the glue that keeps everything from flying off into the ether.”
– All Music (Full Review)

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About Adam Alexander

Adam is a time traveler sent on a mission from the 80s where he remains stranded in the present. This blog functions as a record of any new audio-visual discoveries reminiscent of his beloved neon decade. Please contact us with any info in regards to the location of a functional Delorean, Tardis, Phonebooth, Hot tub, Wormhole, or any other means of time travel. Adam also contributes music videos to IMVDb, and is a juror for Prism Prize 📼
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