FRINGE MUSIC FIX receives hundreds of new music video submissions every week. We’d love to share them all but this just isn’t possible. Our solution to this is our new DROP BOX feature. This will give our users the opportunity to share any official music video with our followers. Once approved by us within 72 hours of submitting, all official music videos received via the DROP BOX will be featured in our DROP BOX directory, regardless of genre, quality, or release date. If we see something we really love we will give it a proper feature during our weekday late-night programming.

Instructions: Simply paste the YouTube URL referring to the official music video you would like to share in the Content area of the form. You might also want to include your name, and the artist and the title of the song, but we’ll leave that up to you.

We are only interested in official music videos. Please refrain from submitting fan videos, lyric videos, live performance videos, audio, or any other content that is not an official music video. Please do not abuse this feature or we will be forced to add additional security to the submissions process.